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You know those numbered tickets you take from a machine to be served in order at the deli in Tesco?  Well, they’ve started that here at the hospital, to check in on the ground floor for an appointment on the 6th (or any other) floor.  The sheer weight of numbers waiting for appointments in any of a dozen departments, makes you late for your appointment, even though I was there an hour early. 

Two desks were open for a queue of dozens.  Each number takes at least ten minutes.  Some people have gone missing, and the offi cials wait for them to come back.  Then a late lady (sic) bursts in out of turn.  French grumbles break out in the crowd. 

They used to manage just fine without tickets, but now it’s getting as bad as it is in England.

While waiting, I skimmed through “Ici Paris”, the worst example of gutter journalism that I have encountered here.  On the front cover, along with snippets of celeb gossip, was a photo of HRH Prince Charles, with Camilla behind, looking away from him.  The headline  “L’annonce à ébranlé l’Angleterre”  (the news has shaken England).  Le Divorce du siècle (the divorce of the century).  I read the article, most of which was a re-hash of the Charles/Laididee débacle, and the rest was (im)pure speculation.  On reaching home, I Googled for news of this shocking announbcement, but there was nothing.  I hope  the Prince of Wales and his wife sue.