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It’s a very long time since I have felt moved to post a rant on here, so I’m sure you haven’t been waiting with bated breath!  My mind is seriously boggling at the naiveté and gullibility of many Americans.  These two items turned up on Facebook this morning.  How could anyone keep a straight face while writing and publishing them?

Donald Trump promised voters in Iowa this morning that if nominated he will serve the roasted flesh of Muslims as appetizers during the Republican national convention.

Sarah Palin claimed today,  when asked in on Fox News about her support of Donald Trump and his controversial views on immigration, that Native Americans should leave America and go back to their homeland ‘Nativia’,

Two possible explanations came to me:  either the US media are in a conspiracy to lie and distort the facts ─ which seems unlikely – or Donald Trump himself is a decoy candidate, deliberately acting the goat in order to deflect votes towards whoever is his rival candidate.

You can tell that I know diddly squat about American politics.  But I sincerely hope there is a credible candidate in the offing to steer the US  in the right direction as well as to reform the education system that produced these dangerous idiots.

End of rant


rant in the wrong place

Posted: April 11, 2012 in political

I’ve just posted a rant on my other blog:  It should really be here, but it is part of my Napowrimo endeavour to write at least one poem a day in April.

I am stupefied to read about the obscene bonus (and salary) being paid to the RBS chief executive.  I don’t care if he single-handedly turned a dire situation into a better one (which, let’s face it, he didn’t), I don’t care if he can walk on water:  no-one deserves or could possible justify such astronomic sums in any economic climate let alone one where the bank has sacked dozens of front-line employees in order to cut costs.   I am even more angry that the UK Government – which  owns 80% of  RBS – seems to be unable or unwilling to stop this farce. 
Do they have no shame?  Is there nothing that can be done to change this avarice culture ?

Debt Management, US style

Posted: August 5, 2011 in political

I’ve been puzzling over what’s going on across the pond, and haven’t come across many bloggers’ comments, so thought I’d try a bit of a rant to stir things up a bit.  It seems to me that the government of the US of A is a bunch of lemmings poised at the cliff-edge of total disaster.  Lunacy’s the word I’d use to describe the idea that borrowing unimaginable sums of money in order to pay the interest on the unthinkable sums of money already borrowed.  If they can’t service  current debt, only an ostrich with his head well and truly in the gritty stuff could conceive of the daft idea of raising the debt ceiling.  Multiplying/extrapolating an already horrendous problem only adds to the disastrous result of spending more than you have on things you don’t need (like wars?)

3 ways when short of money:  work for it, sell something or go without. 

Viv ducks the inevitable brickbats.