Posted: January 24, 2016 in political
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It’s a very long time since I have felt moved to post a rant on here, so I’m sure you haven’t been waiting with bated breath!  My mind is seriously boggling at the naiveté and gullibility of many Americans.  These two items turned up on Facebook this morning.  How could anyone keep a straight face while writing and publishing them?

Donald Trump promised voters in Iowa this morning that if nominated he will serve the roasted flesh of Muslims as appetizers during the Republican national convention.

Sarah Palin claimed today,  when asked in on Fox News about her support of Donald Trump and his controversial views on immigration, that Native Americans should leave America and go back to their homeland ‘Nativia’,

Two possible explanations came to me:  either the US media are in a conspiracy to lie and distort the facts ─ which seems unlikely – or Donald Trump himself is a decoy candidate, deliberately acting the goat in order to deflect votes towards whoever is his rival candidate.

You can tell that I know diddly squat about American politics.  But I sincerely hope there is a credible candidate in the offing to steer the US  in the right direction as well as to reform the education system that produced these dangerous idiots.

End of rant

  1. Trump and Palin really deserve one another. They’re like a very bad comedy act. 😦

  2. judyt54 says:

    oh my sainted aunt. Palin strikes again. Nativia? Go back where you came from, you Native Americans? No problem, we’ll just trek back across the Bering Strait when it surfaces again…this woman apparently has no connect between mouth and brain…

    I agree, at this stage it’s who can cause the least damage in the Whitehouse…Trump may be the stuff that jokes are made of (and the Colbert Report is doing what it can to help it along) but he could be our next president. The heart falters. And I have a terrible premonition that Sarah P. might just be his running mate if he gets to that stage.

  3. colonialist says:

    They are a pair that deserve to have all possible ridicule poured on them – the writers are to be congratulated on actually finding something even more outrageous than their regular actual utterances.

  4. joursdemots says:

    Viv – it’s invented. See To quote: Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

    • Why don’t people sue the pants off them? It’s a pretty irresponsible kind of journalism that can be taken totally out of context like this and appear to be real news stories.

      Your blog has been quiet for too long: are you still in France? still playing the violin?

      • joursdemots says:

        As a general rule I believe nothing that appears on the web unless verified by independent sources.It’s ‘satire’ so theoretically suable but no one wants to look like a fool.

        Yes, I’m still hanging on here despite the best efforts of the state to deprive me of whatever I earn and yes, the next concerts will be in Donville and Coutances Cathedral; we are reprising the Puccini Missa de Gloria plus some bits of Faure and Franck. (Together, don’t they sound like a firm of lawyers?)

      • I’d love to come to the Coutances one. When? Do we need tickets?

      • joursdemots says:

        Ah! I should have said – Pentecost, so a little while yet. Not sure about the tickets yet. Usually you can pay on the door, but this is a joint thing with another choir so there will be more demand. I’ll let you know when we are reserving seats…

  5. Trump. Palin. I can’t even…and I’m a registered Republican. Hillary, please, NO. Bernie? I at least think his motives are good. He’s not a professional politician.What has happened to this country? Seems it comes down to who is the least likely to do damage?

    • I think it’s a worldwide issue these days. Politics must have overtaken lawyers and estate agents (realtors) as the most loathed profession.

    • judyt54 says:

      My biggest fear at this point is that Trump ( who admires this woman visibly) either has the hots for her or is planning on choosing her for a running mate. or both. Im a registered Republican, which these days is just words on paper, since I generally vote the good hair vote, regardless of affiliation…sadly, the best hair in the bunch is female, and should be in prison along with the woman its attached to.
      Im staying away from the primary this time, since I don’t want to be held responsible for any of them…

  6. b_y says:

    Most of us thought it was a joke. The Republicans, Trump’s own party, seem almost as nonplussed as the rest of us. Problem is– the next most popular candidate on the right makes Trump look sane. The left side, Democrats, presents: a woman or a Socialist. (Miz Clinton is a bit hawkish for me, but tolerable. I adore Bernie Sanders, but don’t believe he has a snowball’s chance.)

    I blame the rise social media (click LIKE) and the rise of “reality” programs. Too many people unable to realize that their choices will have real consequences.

  7. katechiconi says:

    Hear hear, and likewise amen. If Trump wins (which God forbid), it will have the effect of painting a great big target on the White House for any extremist to aim for. And I cannot deny they would be justified. As for Palin, surely there should be a rule that those who hope to lead the country should have a basic knowledge of that country’s history? Does the US really want a leader who makes the rest of the world snigger whenever she opens her mouth? Isn’t anyone brave enough to say to either of them “You’re an idiot. For heaven’s sake keep your mouth shut”. And are they really the best the US can offer…?

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