Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Following Tillybud’s Hub’s advice, I took the pink camera monster into the up-market photographic studio in Coutances yesterday afternoon.

The kind man found a setting which just about worked, but he told me that the camera was on the way out.  Jock was with me, or I wouldn’t have dared, but in the supermarket I bought an all-singing-all-dancing-expensive camera, the same make as the old Olympus. 

The instructions were rubbish, and it took me all evening just to programme the time and date, let alone do the setup.  You were firmly warned not to put in a memory card before setting up on the compter.  In the end, son -in-law helped me via Skype and I achieved the setup and registration at midnight French time. 

This morning, I inserted …er tried to insert… the memory card from the old camera, to take some test photos.  It didn’t fit.  Blue smoke and language erupted from my mouth.  WHY OH WHY OH WHY don’t they standardize the blank blank things?  Or better still, include them with the cameras?  The salesman had missed a trick and another sale by not telling me I needed a different one.  GRRR!

  1. Manufacturers design all mechanical and computerized products (including cell phones) with two things in mind:
    1. No brand or model’s doodads should fit other brand or model’s inputs.
    2. Planned obsolescence.

    ‘Nuff said. Sorry you had problems, Viv. Amy

  2. Mike Patrick says:

    Sounds like a case of engineered obsolescence. “We have this new card, you see. It takes a thousand photographs before the card gets full. So sorry that it costs as more than the camera and is best suited for professional photographers.”

    Until my poetry blog, I never thought much about photography. Now there are so many times I can’t find the right image to go with a poem, I wish I had one. Well, we have one, I believe it was generation 1 of the digital camera era. No card, it has to be downloaded directly into a computer. The only thing it does well is eat batteries.

  3. 1sojournal says:

    As a brand new camera owner, and a fastly becoming addictive, I can sympathize a bit. But, I am also having way too much fun learning the process. Just remember, when all of it settles down, there will be whole worlds out there that are no longer pink. Not nice of the salesperson to forget that little tid bit. I am holding an image in mind of you, camera in hand, excitedly snapping away. You will get there.


  4. earlybird says:

    Technology! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Good luck, Viv!

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