Tropical Ants – Tillybud beware

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
    Poetic Asides Wednesday prompt is to write about  a generalized group of people, animals or things. In fact, make the title of your poem the subject; then, write the poem. Possible groups might include “Lawyers,” “Zombies,” “iPads,” “Bottled Water,” “Athletes,” and so on. Your poem could be a wide sweeping epic on this group, or it could focus in on one example that represents the whole. I was all set to revive a diatribe of a poem about politicians, see here: 

But on my daughter’s blog yesterday was a cautionary tale  plus a couple of video clips she’d taken of the incident disclosed in my poem
The clips are here:

    Tropical Ants 
    Pharoah’s army has nothing on ants –
    focussed, single-minded columns of black –
    crawling in by the window,
    tracing lines across the ceiling,
    marching down to the floor,
    and out again by the door.
    But woe betide you
    if so much as a crumb
    despoils the kitchen worktop.
    A sharp left turn and the hordes
    converge on the tasty morsel,
    devour it on the spot, or argue
    over who should carry it back
    to wherever it is they live.

    And even more woe betide you
    should you leave a chunk of meat
    carelessly unguarded for a second.
    Never mind that the ants are small
    and the treasure is big.
    The ants will confer and discuss
    a plan of campaign to
    transfer the burden all the way
    to their young. 
    With an ant hanging on by the teeth
    to any protruding speck,
    the booty’s remorselessly sidestepped
    in macabre dance towards their home.

    Many’s the time I’ve regretted
    that God ever designed the ant,
    but I know full well
    if He hadn’t,
    we’d be living with a horrible smell.


  1. 1sojournal says:

    Ah Viv, I thought the bullet points were part of the poem, sort of like a news item warning to beware. But, still enjoyed the poem. Ants are nobody’s favorite. Used to know someone who would eat sweets and stuff when her hubby wasn’t around cause he wanted her to lose weight. One night, as she was finishing a dish of ice cream, she heard him come in and stuffed the dirty dish under the couch to hide it from view. He came in, sat down and they talked a bit and watched tv. At bed time, she stood up and found an entire line of ants pointing directly to the dish under the couch. Caught red handed.


  2. vivinfrance says:

    Thank you, Penny. That didn’t work, but when I clicked on the hotmail option I was able to eliminate the intrusive bullets laboriously one by one.

  3. jinksy says:

    Maybe a click on the bullet point option is the way to make them disappear, as well as appear? Worth a try, anyway…unles you could find some helpful ants to walk away with them…

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